Ravit Jain interviews Shashank Garg on the D&A market shifts and impact of AI

The conversation run-down:

[00:00] – Intro & opening remarks
[05:40] – Views on D&A market shifts and the Modern Data Stack
[14:30] – Key challenges & opportunities for business leaders
[22:10] – D&A Solutions as a Service
[25:00] – How real is AI for the world of D&A
[30:38] – Industry use cases for AI-driven insights
[34:00] – Embracing an AI first mindset
[39:30] – Preparing for the AI era

In this conversation, Ravit Jain, founder & host of The Ravit Show interviews our CEO Shashank Garg on his journey, the D&A market shifts, role of AI in data analytics, how to brace for the AI era & more.

Shashank talks about how the data technologies have grown from 60 to 1600 in the last ten years but the problems have not grown 20X implying there are multiple ways of solving the same problem today.

On the buyer side, he mentions that he doesn’t know of a business leader today who is not a data leader. He indicates that improving productivity, optimising tech stack, increasing data fluency and reimagining value from D&A using as a service models are key opportunities in front of data & business leaders today.

He goes on to discuss the real impact of AI in data analytics by quoting examples of how AI-powered insights can help organizations transition from having to know what questions to ask to uncovering hidden insights and the “why” in their data in a much faster manner. Shashank states that AI is an enabler as against being a technology vertical by itself and quotes examples of how common use cases like store activity monitoring, fraud detection, demand prediction, content recommendations & so on can be solved way faster with AI.

He notes that the advancements we have seen in tech in the last 10 years will now happen on the people side and anticipates that AI-assisted tech, processes & solutions will play a huge role there. Shashank also talks about the immense opportunities in front of data & AI leaders who embrace an AI-first mindset.

Finally, he states that today AI is like a hyper-intelligent 10 year old kid without full context of the business or the problem it is trying to solve and talks about the skills D&A professionals need to embrace to prepare for the AI era. He concludes by saying that AI is not going to replace jobs but someone who has embraced AI far more is going to.