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The Winning Formula Attracting & Retaining Top Talent with Technical and Business Acumen

Amidst the fiercely competitive business environment, organizations constantly need to attract and retain skilled professionals who possess both technical expertise and a deep understanding of business principles. This unique amalgamation of expertise enables companies to connect technical solutions with strategic decision-making. In this article, I explore effective strategies that companies can adopt to successfully identify, attract, and retain individuals who possess this highly desirable blend of technical and business skills.

The Value of Technical and Business Acumen

Before delving into the strategies for finding and retaining talent with both technical and business acumen, it is important to understand why such individuals are highly valued in today’s business world. Technical acumen refers to deep knowledge and expertise in a specific technical domain, such as data science or software engineering. Business acumen, on the other hand, encompasses the understanding of how businesses operate, including financial analysis, strategic planning, and market dynamics.

Employees with technical and business acumen play a crucial role in driving innovation and achieving strategic goals. Their ability to not only grasp technical complexities but also align them with overall business objectives is invaluable. These individuals can effectively communicate with cross-functional teams, translate technical concepts into business terms, and propose solutions that address both technical and strategic challenges. They serve as a bridge between technical teams and executive leadership, enabling seamless collaboration and informed decision-making.

Identifying Talent

Craft Clear Job Descriptions – The first step in finding talent with technical and business acumen is to craft clear and comprehensive job descriptions that explicitly state the desired skills and qualifications. This clarity will help attract individuals who possess the right blend of technical and business acumen.

Widen Recruitment Channels – To increase the chances of finding individuals with technical and business acumen, companies should consider casting a wider net in their recruitment efforts. This can involve exploring alternative recruitment channels, such as industry-specific conferences, online communities, and professional networking platforms. By leveraging a diverse range of recruitment channels, companies can tap into talent pools that may not be reached through traditional recruitment methods.

Conduct Skill-based Assessments – Traditional interviews and resumes are often limited in their ability to assess a candidate’s technical and business acumen. To overcome this limitation, companies can incorporate skill-based assessments into their hiring process. These assessments could include technical problem-solving exercises, case studies, and business simulations. By evaluating candidates’ skills in real-world scenarios, companies can gain a better understanding of their ability to apply both technical and business acumen.

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Competitive Compensation Packages – To attract and retain talent with technical and business acumen, companies must offer competitive compensation packages. This includes a combination of salary, benefits, and potential for growth. Offering salaries commensurate with the market and providing opportunities for professional development and advancement are key factors in enticing individuals to join and stay with a company.

Professional Development Opportunities – Employees with technical and business acumen thrive in environments that foster continuous learning and growth. Offering opportunities for professional development, such as training programs, mentoring relationships, and access to industry conferences, not only helps individuals enhance their skills but also signals to potential candidates that the company values and invests in their development.

Engaging Work Culture – A positive and engaging work culture is crucial in attracting and retaining talent with technical and business acumen. Companies should foster an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and autonomy. Encouraging cross-functional collaboration and employee input in decision-making processes can create a sense of ownership and empowerment, making employees more likely to stay with the company.

Clear Career Pathways – Providing clear career pathways is essential for retaining talent with technical and business acumen. Employees want to know that their contributions are recognized and that they have opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization. By regularly communicating career progression opportunities and actively supporting employees in achieving their career goals, companies can significantly increase their chances of retaining top talent.

Bridging the Business Value Gap

In today’s data-driven business landscape, companies that secure talent with technical and business acumen gain a distinct advantage. These individuals bridge the gap between technical solutions and strategic decision-making, driving innovation and growth.

Remember, effectively identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent requires a deliberate approach: clear job descriptions, diverse recruitment channels, skill-based assessments, competitive compensation, professional development, engaging work culture, and clear career pathways. With these strategies in place, companies can build high-performing teams that deliver technical excellence and strategic value.

Ben Dooley


Head of Productized Solutions

Ben Dooley, Head of Productized Solutions at Infocepts, is recognized among the Leading Data Consultants in North America by CDO Magazine. He is a multidisciplinary executive who combines leadership, technical, and consultative sales experience with design thinking. He has a vast understanding of successfully navigating corporate structures and stakeholder interests.

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