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MCLEAN, VA – April, 2024

Infocepts is proud to announce its recognition as ‘Best Firms for Diversity & Inclusion in Tech’ by Analytics India Magazine, awarded at the Rising Summit, a premier event for Diversity & inclusion in Tech & AI. This accolade celebrates organizations committed to impactful diversity initiatives, equitable career growth, mentorship, and efforts to close the gender pay gap.

Infocepts is driven by its vision to cultivate a diverse workforce where every associate is valued, respected, and included. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not just about initiatives; it’s about building a foundation where all associates bring their unique colors to the palette, creating a vibrant, inclusive, and nurturing environment for everyone. This award is a testament to our ongoing efforts and dedication to making Infocepts a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is the norm.

Speaking of the recognition, Smrita Dubey, Chief People Officer at Infocepts, commented, “Our flagship DE&I initiative, #AllColors, stands as a bold declaration of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are committed to nurturing a safe and inclusive work environment for all associates.”

Sudhir Divecha, Global DE&I Officer at Infocepts, emphasizes, “Our mission is to create more allies, broaden allyship beyond gender and sexual orientation, covering mental health, age, and cultural diversity. We aim to deepen the meaning of being an ALLY in today’s world, advocating for acceptance and celebration of every individual’s unique identity. #AllColors”

Looking ahead, Infocepts is committed to further enhancing its DE&I efforts through increasing gender representation, ensuring infrastructural compliance for accessibility, focusing on diversity in hiring practices, and offering DE&I scholarships. These steps are geared towards nurturing an environment where everyone can succeed.

For more information or to join our inclusive team, please visit our careers page today.