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McLean, VA, March, 2024 – In a significant recognition, Industry Tech Outlook, a leading voice in technology insights, has named Infocepts as one of the “10 Most Admired Companies of 2024” in its most recent publication. This distinction is featured prominently in an article that celebrates Infocepts’ pioneering role in the data and AI sector, spotlighting its innovative vision and its approach to providing business-oriented data and AI solutions.

Boasting over two decades of expertise, Infocepts has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between the worlds of business and analytics. The company has been instrumental in delivering exceptional value to its clientele across diverse sectors, firmly establishing its mission to facilitate a world that leverages data to its fullest potential.

Industry Tech Outlook (ITO) is renowned for its incisive analysis and comprehensive coverage of the technology landscape, offering valuable insights and trends that resonate within the tech community. It stands as a beacon for industry professionals seeking informed perspectives and authoritative discourse.

Shashank Garg, CEO & Co-founder of Infocepts, expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is a profound honor to receive consecutive recognitions from esteemed publications and to be acknowledged by ITO Analytics as one of the 10 Most Admired Companies of 2024. This accolade underscores our team’s relentless commitment and the deep-seated trust our clients have in us.”

Under Shashank’s visionary leadership, Infocepts has developed an array of productized AI solutions, each designed to address the fundamental challenges of data-informed decision-making. The company continues to redefine the boundaries of innovation within the data and analytics (D&A) sphere, driven by a combination of deep industry know-how and sophisticated analytics and AI capabilities.

“The company’s strategic guidance, coupled with its cutting-edge Data & AI solutions, helps clients achieve an ideal equilibrium — tackling today’s challenges head-on while paving the way to reach their long-term vision”, remarks Avi Jones, Chief Editor at Industry Tech Outlook, underscoring the profound impact of Infocepts’ contributions to the industry.