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McLean, VA, March 1, 2024 Subhash Kari, the Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts, has been distinguished as one of the Top 25 Technology Consultants and Leaders for the year 2024 by The Consulting Report. This honor is a testament to Kari’s remarkable leadership, foresight, and significant impact on the field of technology consulting.

Leading Infocepts’ Global Practices & Delivery organization, Subhash Kari plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between business, technology, and management. With a rich background spanning 20 years, Kari’s expertise encompasses mission-critical applications, data and analytics (D&A) solutions, technology consulting, and the management of extensive service operations. His visionary approach has been crucial in positioning Infocepts at the forefront of the industry, especially in developing innovative Data & AI solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of clients.

Reacting to the accolade, Subhash Kari expressed his gratitude, stating, “Being acknowledged as one of ‘The 25 Technology Consultants and Leaders 2024’ by The Consulting Report is a privilege. This recognition is not just a personal milestone but a reflection of the collective dedication and innovative spirit of the entire Infocepts team towards achieving excellence, client satisfaction, and success. I am deeply thankful for this honor and am committed to continuing our journey towards driving positive change and delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

The Top 25 Technology Consultants and Leaders 2024 list by The Consulting Report is designed to recognize individuals who have shown exceptional leadership, expertise, and innovation within the technology consulting industry. Selection for this prestigious list is based on a thorough evaluation process that considers a nominee’s industry influence, thought leadership, positive client feedback, and contributions toward enhancing the technology consulting domain.