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The prestigious Data Breakthrough Awards Program has recognized Infocepts among outstanding data technology products and companies by presenting us with the Retail Data Solution of the Year Award.

Data Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organization that evaluated Infocepts’ Retail Index Solution as part of their awarding process. Our Retail Index Solution is designed to help retailers adopt a data-focused strategy by promoting data-democratization, data literacy, and user adoption. It identifies and tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) that are vital for a company’s health across all levels of organizational hierarchy in real-time.

The innovative solution works as a one-top retail scorecard that runs 24×7 using real-time and historical analysis cards for sales, promotions, and traffic KPIs. With this solution, retail business leaders can access scorecards that provide actual vs target comparisons, hourly/daily trends comparing current, and moving average analysis by product category, conversion rate, customer type, and more.

Read our customer success story for more details about our Retail Index solution.