Adapting Data Governance for the Digital & AI Era: Expert Tips & Insights

Part 1 of 4

Data Governance Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

In this series opener, Subhash Kari & Denish Bhavsar delve into the role of data governance in business success, covering their professional journeys and emphasizing the crucial need to invest in Data Governance for any business.

Denish Bhavsar introduces a creative analogy that highlights the significance of data governance. He compares a business to a car, with data serving as its engine, and emphasizes that effective data stewardship plays the role of oil, ensuring smooth operations.

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Part 2 of 4

Data is not an IT or a Governance problem but a Business problem

Did you know that a whopping 46% of organizations have suffered reputational damage & loss of revenue due to data breaches?(Source: Forbes)

In this segment, Subhash Kari & Denish Bhavsar, delve into the risks associated with enterprise data. They also explore how data governance can effectively mitigate these risks and discuss strategies for achieving optimal results.

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Part 3 of 4

Is Data Governance just another bureaucracy?

In this Part 3 of the data governance interview series, Denish Bhavsar & Subhash Kari discuss various topics including common myths surrounding data governance, the concept of embedded data governance, the implications of AI, and much more.

Denish highlights that data governance is often misunderstood as a bureaucratic practice, associated with complex rules and hierarchical structures. He emphasizes that it is, in fact, a collaborative principle that drives improved business value through the maturity of organizational processes and technology.

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Part 4 of 4

Unveiling the path to Data Bliss with Embedded Data Governance

In this concluding episode of the series, Subhash Kari engages in a conversation with Denish Bhavsar, covering topics such as embedded data governance, the importance of data quality, strategies to overcome obstacles in data governance practices, and more.

Denish envisions an ideal target state where data governance is embedded in everyday processes, fostering a data-driven mindset among all employees. He believes that achieving a state of “Data Nirvana” is possible when every individual in the organization understands the value of high-quality and secure data.

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