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In this captivating 4-part interview series, Subhash Kari, Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts, engages in a conversation with Denish Bhavsar, a distinguished leader in the field of Data Governance. With each part, the interview series builds upon previous discussions, creating a comprehensive narrative that empowers organizations and data professionals to embark on their own data governance journeys.

Part 1: Data Governance Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Denish presents a creative analogy, comparing a business to a car and data to its engine, highlighting the importance of effective data stewardship as the oil that keeps everything running smoothly. Subhash emphasizes that the goal of data governance should be to provide trustworthy, useful, and easily accessible data throughout the organization. They both emphasize that data governance is a long-term commitment that requires dedication and perseverance to achieve success.

Part 2: Data is not an IT or a Governance problem but a Business problem

Subhash Kari and Denish Bhavsar shed light on the risks associated with enterprise data breaches and the crucial role data governance plays in mitigating these risks. They emphasize the importance of involving business stakeholders in discussions about data challenges and solutions, recognizing data as a business problem rather than just an IT or governance issue. They also highlight the direct impact of data governance on brand value and reputation, and explore operational models, collaboration with business teams, and data privacy considerations in their conversation.

Part 3: Is Data Governance just another bureaucracy?

Denish challenges the perception of data governance as a bureaucratic system, emphasizing its collaborative nature that drives improved business value. Denish explores the concept of embedded data governance, highlighting how it enables organizations to strike a balance between compliance and innovation. He also discusses the potential of AI to simplify data governance processes while emphasizing the responsibility of governance to ensure transparency and model governance practices to establish trust in AI

Part 4: Unveiling the path to Data Bliss with Embedded Data Governance

In this concluding part, they cover topics such as embedded data governance, the significance of data quality, strategies to overcome obstacles in data governance, and more. Both Denish and Subhash stress the importance of continuous improvement, embracing automation and self-service, embedding data governance in day-to-day processes, and fostering a culture of curiosity.

Infocepts appreciates Denish Bhavsar for sharing his insights and data success stories & thanks CDO Magazine for facilitating this conversation.