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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) enabling technologies like Hololens are creating more valuable and immersive experiences for data analysts and users across industries. With AR & VR, data analysis is no longer an exercise of pouring over spreadsheets and reports but rather an immersive experience that allows users to “step into the data” by visualizing it in the context of the consumer’s world, making it more fun, engaging and collaborative.

Food security is threatened by several factors and plant diseases is one of them that reduces yield or even wipes out crops. Infocepts developed an AR and VR-enabled analytics application to detect plant leaf diseases and help implement early remediation to improve the yield rate in farming. The analytics app leverages Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, Azure Machine Learning (ML), and Power BI reporting. With the app, users can take an image of plant leaves in the field and the AI algorithm accurately predicts if the crop is diseased or healthy. Insights are visually displayed on the Power BI dashboard with detailed analysis of plant diseases and recommended remediation to protect the crop.

This innovative solution allows early disease detection and adoption of sustainable practices to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy and chemical use. The solution helps agricultural clients improve price forecasting of their farming yield through yield rate analysis. It has a lasting impact on economic factors like the overall food prices in countries. Additionally, farm owners can use this solution to view a 3D model of their field within the HoloLens environment, allowing them to visualize the layout of their farms and the health of their crops in real-time.