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Infocepts recently participated in the Gartner Data & Analytics EMEA Summit held in London. During the event, Ravit Jain, founder, and host of The Ravit Show, interviewed Ben Dooley, Business Leader at Infocepts. They discussed various aspects of AI, including its current state, the hype surrounding it, and its future in the industry.

Ben Dooley highlighted that AI is currently in an uncertainty cycle similar to where the iPhone stood in 2007. He predicts significant advancements in AI by 2025, with enhanced applications, improved algorithms, and accelerated adoption in the marketplace. He emphasized the growing need for assistance in navigating AI implementations for clients and enterprises that have already embraced advanced analytics strategies.

Infocepts is actively helping enterprises make sense of their AI and data landscape. Looking ahead, Ben envisions a future where AI is integrated into various data and analytics platforms and infrastructures, thereby accelerating its application across industries. He also foresees consolidation among capabilities like generative and conversational AI in the years to come. Consequently, choosing the right AI solution will be crucial for businesses to generate value and achieve tangible impacts from AI.