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Data, now more than ever, is at the forefront of every business strategy. Companies are investing in data and analytics to better service their customers. In uncertain times, new challenges are arising, projects have shifted, and the main goal of every business is understanding the best way to move forward during a crisis. Did your data and analytics investments pay off?

While some companies have excelled, others are wondering if their efforts are really paying off. This is true now more than ever before with the COVID-19 situation that has caught the world off guard. What can we learn from CEOs who were better prepared to navigate during the current crisis? Learn from real-life examples in telecom, retail, and healthcare to inform your future data and analytics investments.

Hear Infocepts CEO Shashank Garg’s point of view as he engages in a dialogue with Evan Levy, a recognized thought leader in data and analytics. They discuss how CEOs should invest in their D&A programs today to achieve a sustainable advantage for their business and mission. Shashank shares five critical success factors that CEOs must consider and excel in, to derive maximum value from their data assets.