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The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us the hard way that business as usual will never be the same. Companies are embracing digital transformation to remain relevant in today’s economic climate – finding new ways to accomplish their work, adjusting their workforce, and creating new experiences for their customers.

Customers are turning to intelligent automation to reimagine their operating models and service delivery frameworks. The promise of robotic process automation combined with data-driven autonomous insights based on AI and ML can fundamentally alter the core processes for getting goods and services to consumers. What can you learn from companies that have been early adopters of intelligent automation to enable you to take the best path forward in your journey?

Watch this on-demand webinar for insights on how we, at Infocepts, enabled a leading media enterprise to improve their reporting capabilities significantly with intelligent automation. Our guest speaker compares Rolls Royce, BMW, and Dacia cars to give an analogy about the challenge our client was facing in generating reports and how intelligent automation helped them.

Our webinar guest observes that while everybody aspires to buy a Rolls Royce with thousands of customizations (read: highly customized manual reports), only a handful of people can afford it. Dacia being the cheapest of the three, does not offer any customization. A BMW car strikes the right balance since it is more affordable than a Rolls Royce and offers several customizations (read: automated parameterized reports) in stark contrast to a Dacia car.

Previously, our client followed a manual process that required users to submit their report request in an Excel file. A developer would read the specifications and reach out to the requestor for clarifications and then proceed to develop the report. The new report was then submitted to the requestor for UAT to validate the report. The entire process was error prone and took days for the developer to share an acceptable report. The solution Infocepts developed for the media company automated the process so that the report requestor can access custom reports within a few hours.

Watch the video for complete details including the benefits of the solution developed by Infocepts.