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The COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted many established business models, forcing companies to embrace digital transformation to remain relevant. The use of data & analytics is altering the competitive dynamics in all industries. According to Forrester Research investments in D&A capabilities are paying off. Firms with advanced data & analytics capabilities are 2.8x more likely to report double-digit year-over-year growth. But while companies are investing in cloud, data, and automation technologies, business results from these investments are not yet paying off.

Getting business results from D&A investments requires leaders to define digital models, create new ways of working, find human expertise, and balance speed and agility. Successful companies must excel in all five key D&A competencies: strategy, people, process, data, and technology. Companies that underinvest or deprioritize efforts associated with any one of the required competencies fail to achieve results promised by their D&A strategy.

Watch Infocepts’ CEO, Shashank Garg, and guest speaker, Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst, of Forrester Research as they share their top recommendations for D&A leaders to avoid pitfalls and accelerate their success including:

• Top challenges with getting results from D&A strategies
• Shifting mindsets when planning for D&A strategy and execution
• Strategies to accelerate results from D&A investments
• Recommendations for making progress within your organization

Accelerate results from your data and analytics investments. Watch now.