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In today’s business climate, using data to make quick decisions is a common ask across organizations. To fulfill such asks business users want more, faster, and better access to data and analytic tools. IT wants to balance this need for speed with the responsibility to protect the data assets from security, privacy, and quality risks. A common solution to this scenario is self-service BI or self-service analytics. Chances are you are already using self-service BI in some way, shape, or form or have heard a pitch from an analytic tool vendor!

Self-service BI has been around for several decades and yet business users keep asking for more and more. Has self-service BI failed to deliver on its promise? Is it time to revisit what self-service really means? How can business and IT work together to achieve better decision-making outcomes for their organization?

Watch this webinar “The New Self-Service Analytics – Going Beyond the Tools”, where we cover:
• How to demystify what self-service analytics means
• New trends driving the self-service analytics evolution
• Best practices and lessons learned from real-life examples
• Recommendations for making progress within your organization

Advance your self-service journey now.