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4 real-world use cases for AI-driven automation

COVID-19 has forever changed how business is done and what customers expect from modern businesses. To stay relevant in today’s digital era, organizations are using intelligent automation across most of their business processes to revamp operations, service delivery, and achieve desired business outcomes with zero or minimal human intervention.

The potential of robotic process automation (RPA) — bolstered by data-driven autonomous insights based on artificial intelligence and machine learning — can completely change how products and services are delivered and how they are perceived by consumers. Here are some data-driven intelligent automation use cases where we have solved real-world problems and addressed different client goals.

  1. Global market research firm saves millions with automated data-driven insights

    Infocepts helped a global market research company automate its repeatable, high volume, and time-consuming report generation process, saving over $1M annually through the right intelligent automation solutions and the needed skills. Our client is a leading research firm and helps CPG manufacturers and global retailers make key decisions by providing in-depth market demographic insight.

    It offers various business intelligence reports helping over 15,000 users understand what is happening in their target markets, why it is happening, and decide what to do next.

    Its 65+ dashboards comprised of 10K+ elements which were manually customized by developers to meet the respective end-user requirements of each new client. The process needed manual modification of report elements which was error-prone, provided inconsistent user experience, and led to lost opportunities due to tough competition.

    Our innovative solution automated all repeatable high-volume report generation tasks and saved our client over $1M per year. The solution automated complex business processes or workflows which generate and deliver autonomous insights. It leveraged multiple cutting-edge technologies (AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision, Low Code, RPA, and Hyper Automation) and can now smartly deliver insights based on user-driven demand through continuous monitoring and intelligent automation.

  2. Omni-channel retailer cuts operating costs with custom-built automation suite

    A leading US retailer operating over 300 stores in North and South America partnered with Infocepts to overhaul its complex data pipeline, which consisted of over 130 workflows, more than 800 mappings, and over 600 tables. Any delays in data loading had a direct impact on the timeliness of enterprise BI report delivery, especially the sales reports that served as the basis of inventory planning, marketing, and sales target decisions. The system also relied on manual monitoring, which was prone to errors that directly caused higher ticket volumes and a lack of confidence in the reports. With increasing operational costs and frequently needed cleanup activities, modernization was the need of the hour.

    Infocepts intelligent automation solution helped the client significantly declutter databases with a custom-built suite capable of automatically providing real-time notifications when failures, environment changes, and unusual jobs are detected. The solution used reusable components and pre-packaged scripts which provided flexibility and scalability. Intelligent automation helped achieve a total of 100k USD savings for the first year and the savings gradually increased as the same sized operations team was able to monitor the growing number of data processing jobs.

  3. Managed services automation saves 5,000 manhours annually

    Intelligent automation enabled Infocepts to revamp a 24×7 managed services program for our client – a leading technology company that provides “customer experience software as a service” utilizing speech analytics and AI-powered text. The clients’ services involved extracting actionable insights from diverse customer interaction modes to propel sales growth while ensuring compliance and increasing operational efficiency. The client relied on discrete proprietary applications that ran on different servers, creating diverse environments that became increasingly complex to manage manually.

    Our customized intelligent automation solution helps provide near real-time alerts and updates on server health, eliminating manual monitoring efforts and reducing the time it takes to resolve issues. It reduced the time spent on bug fixing and elevated customer service levels drastically. Infocepts solution provides reliable, round-the-clock monitoring and scalable support—along with a 30% reduction of effort in recurring manual activities.

  4. Pharmaceutical company uses AI-powered segmentation solution to identify key opinion leaders

    The opinion-leader segmentation process of an American pharmaceutical company did not meet the current market standards and lacked reliability. It lacked modern features like the ability to analyze digital activities, popularity, and relationship matrix of healthcare influencers and professionals. Also, data was manually updated which was error-prone thus affecting classification and risking incorrect segmentation.

    Infocepts automated the client’s key opinion leader identification and segmentation process using an AI/ML-powered intelligent automation solution. Machine learning algorithms made it much easier for the client to identify top-performing, established, and rising key opinion leader segments for different countries. It also provided meaningful and actionable insights on professional credentials, influence circle, interaction metrics, network, and growth variables. It accelerated our client’s medical science decision-making process and enabled our client to formulate effective personalized engagement strategies focused on healthcare thought leaders.

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