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Dont make these mistakes in your next analytics migration project

Data and analytics tool migration can help growing businesses deal with evolving requirements for data-driven insights. Modernizing your data and analytics platform can also reduce the security risks and costs, associated with using multiple analytics tools. However, migration is a complex process. Whether you are looking to consolidate redundant tools or upgrade from legacy systems, it is necessary to be aware of potential pitfalls that lead to failures.

In this article, we have discussed some of the common pitfalls that can lead to budget overruns, extended deadlines, user confusion and change resistance. We have also highlighted, how we help you to avoid these pitfalls and ensure success in your journey.

  1. Wrong Migration Choices

    Wrong choice of tool, infrastructure, capacity or migration approach can derail your project. A properly designed tool comparison exercise helps in identifying the best-fit tool for your organization in the context of your requirements. Also, ensure that you choose the right infrastructure and sizing for your analytics tool to avoid performance bottlenecks and SLA breaches later on.

    Infocepts brings depth and breadth of experience across all modern analytics platforms to help you make the right choice of tools, infrastructure, capacity and approach to minimize the design gaps and risks early in the process.

  2. Failure to Align Key Stakeholders

    Successful analytics tool migration requires stakeholders to understand what success looks like and agree on structured approaches to execute migration initiatives. Before starting, it is vital to create a comprehensive roadmap and an optimized implementation plan to align all key stakeholders. Clear prioritization and readiness assessment is crucial to avoid any surprises.

    Infocepts brings in experienced teams to help you align your stakeholders and manage the change effectively.

  3. Lack of Necessary Expertise

    A BI tool migration project does not just require technical skills in the source and target BI platforms. Most platform migration projects may involve moving to the cloud, rationalizing your BI inventory and taking advantage of new capabilities to reap the full benefits of the new tool. To do this – in addition to tool skills, you need to factor in skills such as advisory, cloud, data modelling, data storytelling, change management, automation, optimization and more.

    Infocepts brings end-to-end data analytics capabilities and specialized migration teams to help you succeed in your migration journey.

  4. Taking Adoption for Granted

    Your users have likely been using your current analytics tool for many years. They are well aware of its shortcomings and have adapted to it, forming bad habits from having to make do with the current system for such a long time. These habits can be hard to break, and some users may even initially reject the new platform.

    This is why training is critical to the success of an analytics tool migration process. It is not enough to teach your users how to use the new platform step by step. Rather, training should be viewed as an ongoing effort to make your key users proficient in the new tools. This then creates cost savings and long-term process efficiencies.

    Infocepts offers training combined with user adoption support to ensure post-migration success.

  5. Losing Control of Schedule and Budget

    It is expensive to manage multiple platforms or maintain a legacy system. The costs of support and upgrades, license fees, hardware, administration, training, and maintenance can quickly spiral as time goes by. But while analytics tool migration and modernization offer potential for savings, it is also easy for companies to lose financial control of a migration project because of inefficiencies during execution.

    Infocepts offers accelerators that can be combined with pre-built migration toolkits to migrate analytics ecosystems efficiently. We can help your company get the most out of your investments in new platforms while minimizing costs associated with change.

Talk to us about our holistic platform migration approaches that accelerate the process and reduce the risk of failure.

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Shanthi Srinivasan


Head of Marketing

Shanthi Srinivasan is an accomplished data professional with over 20 years of experience delivering transformative data and AI solutions to global enterprises. As Head of Marketing at Infocepts, she drives go-to-market strategies and brand awareness. She recently received the Women in Tech Leadership Award for her contributions to the field.

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