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Necessary skills to tell compelling “Data Stories”

Data Storytelling skills are becoming a must-have for every data-driven organization. This unique skillset plays a critical role in marrying creative with analytical skills. Many organizations have begun to realize the importance of this role, yet they still struggle to define a skill set required to narrate stories with data.

Data Storytelling bridges the gap between numbers and actions, focusing on using data to make well-versed decisions.

The expertise of data storytelling is an ever-evolving field, however mastering the skills will not only provide you the necessary background needed to be successful but also help you pursue advanced concepts like user interface and user experience design, knowledge of data visualization, design thinking approach and more.

So what does it take to becoming a Data Storyteller? The below infographic illustrates important attributes and skills required for the role of Data Storytelling.

Interested in becoming a Data Storyteller? Check out our ebook, Guide to Becoming a Data Storyteller.

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