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Advancing Data Agility with Small & Wide Data using Virtualization and Data Products

Gartner research highlights a paradigm shift as organizations transition from traditional big data setups to small and wide data models. This transition is crucial for supporting a diverse array of use cases in advanced analytics and AI across various industries. The concept of “wide data” refers to leveraging data in its native format, eliminating the […]


Reduce time to insights with effective data pipelines

Data is everywhere, enabling unprecedented levels of insights within all businesses and industries for decision-making. Data pipelines serve as the backbone to enable organizations to refine, verify, and make reliable data available for analytics and insights. They take care of data consolidation from various sources, data transformation, and data movement across multiple platforms to serve […]


Here’s all the Ops that will matter for your data!

Most analytics projects fail because operationalization is only addressed as an afterthought. The top barrier to scaling analytics implementations is complexity around integrating the solution within existing enterprise application and integrating the practices across disparate teams supporting them. In addition, a number of Ops terms are springing up every day, which is leaving the D&A […]