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Migrate your Tableau platform to Cloud with zero business disruption

Organizations are modernizing their data and analytics ecosystems with Tableau cloud adoption as part of their cloud transformation journey. If you thought that migration from Tableau Server (TS) to Tableau Online (TOL) is easy just because the base platform is the same i.e., Tableau, we suggest caution. Migrating your Tableau platform to the cloud can be complex since you are moving from a server to a serverless model. It can involve uncertainties like changing platform security models, team design, licensing considerations, implementation approaches, migration tooling decisions and associated costs.

Limiting your journey to just content migration can be a blunder and a lost opportunity. You need to rethink TOL Migrations as a key strategic transformation initiative. TOL migration presents a terrific opportunity to modernize the analytics experience for your entire business.

How to Simplify any Tableau Online Migration?

Below are a few considerations and a short brief on how to simplify your Tableau Online migration strategy.

  1. Outline Migration Objectives –

    Defining all the relevant migration motives is important not just to simplify the migration, but also to utilize this rare opportunity to elevate your organizational analytics maturity. These objectives have a significant impact on things like architectural decisions, platform costs, operations, customer experience and others.

  2. Know Migration Limitations –

    Organizations need to spend considerable efforts and thoroughly assess their current platform setup and associated infrastructure. Getting a 360-degree view helps identify tool limitations, process bottlenecks, unsupported infrastructure, and other migration limitations. With the right expertise and the supporting frameworks from our D&A migration solution, we can help assess the current platform setup and ensure a smooth migration.

  3. Know Typical Migration Pitfalls –

    Every migration initiative will be different and unless you have done a pilot migration factoring all the aspects like setup, security, connectivity, movement, access and so on, there is a risk you might have to face some unforeseen pitfalls. E.g., a common pitfall seen in projects is teams exceeding estimated timelines, efforts, or associated costs. Migration is not an operational process; you should fully leverage deep knowledge and expertise which consulting partners bring to the table.

There are many other hidden facets to D&A platform migrations, some even beyond technology. It is important to leverage the correct D&A platform migration solution which focusses on people and processes – which are core components of any migration.

Data & Analytics Platform Migration at Speed and Scale

Our D&A Platform Migration solution is designed to migrate one or more blocks of analytics ecosystem quickly and efficiently using our robust methodology, accelerators, and pre-built migration toolkits. Our holistic approach to Tableau platform migration includes using knowledge accelerators that highlight differences between server and online that can further reduce surprises and help in accelerated migration.

Check Our Advisory Note to Know More

Our advisory note will help you avoid common migration pitfalls and provide you key insights to simplify and accelerate your Tableau Online migration.

Grab your copy to know strategies for successfully migrating your Tableau platform to cloud and to help you think beyond migration – to analytics modernization.

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