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McLean, VA, April 11, 2024

In a significant acknowledgment of innovation and leadership within the technology sector, Subhash Kari, the Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts, has been honored by CIO Look magazine as 2024’s “Most Impressive Leaders in Tech.” This prestigious recognition is featured prominently in the magazine’s cover story, spotlighting Subhash’s pivotal contributions to advancing innovation in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The full story is available here.

The story sheds light on how Subhash has been a catalyst for change within Infocepts and the wider tech landscape. As the Chief Innovations Officer, he oversees the Global Practices and Delivery (GPD), where his forward-thinking leadership and extensive expertise have spearheaded the development of innovative Productized AI Solutions such as DiscoverYai, Decision360, and Employee360. These solutions have notably propelled client businesses forward, enabling them to leverage data for impactful decision-making across various sectors.

With a career spanning over two decades in technology, Subhash’s relentless pursuit of excellence has redefined the boundaries of data analytics and AI, fostering transformative solutions that equip companies with the confidence to navigate data-driven decisions. The cover story also delves into Subhash’s vision for the evolving landscape of data analytics and AI. He underscores the critical role of innovation in addressing emerging real-world challenges and shares insights into Infocepts’ strategic innovation roadmap.

Expressing his gratitude for the accolade, Subhash remarked, “It’s an immense privilege to be recognized in the CIO Look magazine, and I would like to thank my team at Infocepts for their constant support and belief in my vision.’ At Infocepts, our commitment to fostering innovation in Data & AI is unwavering, and we’re excited about the future possibilities that lie in harnessing data-driven insights to make a meaningful difference for our clients.”