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In his recent keynote at the AI & Big Data Expo 2023, Shashank Garg, Founder & CEO of Infocepts, shed light on the transformative potential of AI-driven insights in the realms of data and business. He emphasized the criticality of bridging the gap between data and business for achieving favorable outcomes.

Drawing a parallel with Dragonflies, which possess 30,000 lenses in their eyes, Shashank highlighted how overwhelmed business leaders face a similar challenge of processing vast amounts of information. While traditional analytics dashboards offer visually appealing metrics and charts, they often fail to address all user queries. Shashank also discussed the advantages of Search-driven analytics, which enable natural language queries, anomaly detection, and comprehensive analysis. However, he acknowledged that such approaches still rely on predefined data models, leaving room for unmet user needs.

Shashank then delves into Generative AI-driven analytics that enables a truly conversational approach resolving previously stated issues. While this represents a substantial advancement in usability and agility, challenges may arise when dealing with complex datasets, and caution must be exercised when exposing sensitive enterprise data to public Large Language Models (LLMs). Shashank asserts that an optimal solution is one that provides enterprise-grade AI-driven insights, harnessing the power of Generative AI, guaranteeing explainability, and addressing privacy concerns through private LLMs.

Shashank emphasizes the critical importance of embracing an AI-first mindset within organizations. This mindset entails recognizing the vast opportunities presented by AI, fostering a culture of experimentation through initiatives like hackathons, and utilizing tools and methods with built-in explainability to establish trust.

He introduces Infocepts DiscoverYai – a scalable AI-first approach to data analytics designed to help organizations extract business value from their enterprise data. By embracing a fail-fast, succeed-faster approach, users can swiftly identify the most influential drivers behind their key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluate each action’s potential impact. DiscoverYai enables a deep understanding of the underlying “why” behind the data, fostering trust and driving widespread adoption.

Shashank concludes by stating that DiscoverYai enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data-driven decision-making process, empowering them to make informed choices and achieve significant business outcomes.