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Today Diversity and Inclusion are hygiene factors for all enterprises. At Infocepts, we add one more facet to it – Equity.

Diversity to us is not just of gender but of age and geographies too. We take pride in having a gender diversity ratio that is above the industry average of 30%. We have our offices located across geographies and ethnicities that houses a young vibrant workforce with an age group that straddles two generations. At Infocepts, we are constantly working towards creating an environment, where all of us who come from different backgrounds retain our uniqueness and yet come together to build “One Infocepts”. We believe in being like a salad bowl retaining our unique flavors and beliefs and not a soup bowl where everyone has lost their uniqueness in the name of common processes.

Listen to our Co-founder and CEO, Shashank Garg, share what sets us apart as a company where we are building a culture of care and belonging through our approach for diversity and inclusion with a constant endeavor at equity.