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Maximizing Business Impact using Data & AI: Robert Lutton Interviews Shashank Garg

Episode 1

From Data to Outcome: Leveraging AI for Business Success

In this first episode of the CDO Magazine interview series, host Robert Lutton speaks with Shashank Garg, founder and CEO of Infocepts, from Toronto, Canada. Robert expresses admiration for Infocepts’ impressive achievements, including support for over 380,000 business users globally, the completion of 12,000 successful initiatives, an outstanding client loyalty rate of 97.2%, and substantial client savings of over $180 million.

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Episode 2

Seizing the GenAI Opportunity: Practical Steps for Business Leaders

In Part 2 of the CDO Magazine interview series with Robert Lutton, Shashank Garg explores the application of Generative AI across various business domains, addressing the initial hype and emerging ethical and practical concerns associated with AI deployment. Shashank categorizes the benefits of AI into three main areas: enhancing business operations, improving customer outcomes, and boosting developer productivity. He illustrates these benefits with examples such as automating loan portfolio monitoring in banking, utilizing chatbots for personalized customer service, and simplifying complex billing processes in healthcare.

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Episode 3

Turning AI Investments into Tangible Business Outcomes

In the final segment of the CDO Magazine interview series between Shashank Garg & Robert Lutton, the discussion pivots to the practical use and challenges of AI in business. Despite the widespread investment in AI technologies, a staggering 90% of organizations have not realized tangible benefits. The conversation addresses the reasons behind this disconnect, suggesting that many companies have overinvested in technology without clear outcomes. It emphasizes the need for strong leadership to reassess and rationalize these investments, often by discontinuing outdated technologies that no longer serve their intended purpose.

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