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Join us on this engaging interview series where Subhash Kari, Chief Innovation Officer at Infocepts engages in a conversation with Anna Hannem, Vice President of Data Ethics & Risks at Scotiabank, to explore the profound importance of data analytics and AI in the financial sector and discover how diversity, ethics, and innovation are shaping its future.

Part 1: Harnessing the Power of Data, Analytics & AI in the Financial Services Industry

In the opening episode, Anna and Subhash discuss professional journey and the significant role of data analytics and AI in the financial industry. They emphasize the importance of diversity when it comes to data ethics and how it can shape the ethical practices that drive success.

Part 2: Safeguarding Customer Trust: Insights into the Success of Scotiabank’s Data Ethics Program

Anna and Subhash delve into safeguarding customer trust and effective change management as key factors contributing to the Scotiabank’s data ethics program’s remarkable success. Discover the delicate balance required when navigating emerging technologies such as AI.

Part 3: Striking the Balance: Data Ethics and Risk Mitigation in the Financial Sector

Anna and Subhash continue their conversation, exploring the impact of diversity on data ethics and risk mitigation in the financial sector. They address emerging risks and highlight the importance of responsible data usage in today’s rapidly evolving financial services industry.

Part 4: Thriving in the AI Revolution: Embracing Innovation, Overcoming Fear

Anna and Subhash tackle the fears and risks associated with AI innovation. They discuss how organizations can overcome these challenges and harness the transformative power of AI to drive growth and innovation.

Part 5: Data Fluency: The Key to Harnessing AI’s Transformative Potential

In the concluding episode, Anna and Subhash shift the focus to data fluency. They explore the evolving landscape of data, analytics, and AI, highlighting the importance of data fluency in unlocking the transformative potential of AI.

We thank Anna Hannem for sharing practical insights from her experience & CDO Magazine for facilitating this conversation.